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To Reserve space a membership is required. Please scroll down and select the best membership for you.

  1. Drop-In Membership (FREE): Reserve meeting space as you need it. Purchase Booking passes and reserve your space.

  2. Road Warrior Membership: Need an office for sales call, conference calls, and a place to get focused.

  3. Small Business Membership: Small Business that is looking to work ON their business and not just IN their business. We offer a range of services to help a small business grow. If interested please contact us @ info@theofficecoffeeshop.com. We will contact you and build a customized plan for your Business.


  • 1 Booking Pass = 1 hour in a space

  • Set the START DATE to TODAY

  • Questions about your event or meeting please email us at info@theofficecoffeeshop.com

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